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Share Your Story, South-Central Region


Every connection counts when we are working to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. A great way to connect others to our mission is by telling the stories of those impacted by the disease. Whether you are living with MS, a family member of someone who is, a caregiver, or a volunteer, your story is important.

The National MS Society is able to increase awareness and funds raised by educating others about the disease and how we support those impacted by it. We are able to do this with your story. If you're interested in having your story told to help promote MS awareness and the National MS Society, please take a moment to answer the following questions about yourself. Feel free to omit any information that you prefer not to be public, or add any additional information you'd like to share.

Please note that by submitting your story, you authorize the National MS Society to use it along with your name for promotional purposes in media outreach, social media, website, printed materials, and other communication channels.

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